Our story begins in the kitchen of our family home in Brighton, with my mum, Charlotte, who has always cared about what she and all of us eat.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, and foods that are good for you don’t have to be tasteless, but Charlotte felt that the market was lacking a product that not only tasted great, but was free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. So, she began to make raw cacao brownies.

At first, we made them for ourselves, family and friends, but they proved so popular that we decided to approach Infinity Foods, a health food shop local to our home in Brighton. Luckily they loved them just as much as we did, and so in 2011, 100% Natural Foods was born.

Production started off at a rate of just twenty a week, which we handmade together at home, and carefully wrapped in greaseproof paper. Before long demand was outweighing supply – often we were up until 3am completing orders. The feedback from stockists was fantastic, with our growing customer base wide and varied to include a Queen from a Middle Eastern country! Too often we are unaware of the origins of what is in the products we eat.

So not being ones to shy away from a challenge, we decided to set a high benchmark for 100% Natural Foods: to supply wholesome, tasty snacks, and to know exactly from where and from whom our ingredients are sourced – and to let our customers know also. In 2015, after orders grew to reach thousands of brownies weekly, we decided to outsource to an eco-friendly factory in the Cotswolds. It took five trail runs to perfect the homemade taste that we and our customers had come to love. Days before Christmas, we completed our first trial run with the brownies, and said good-bye to four years of hand-making them on the same cookie cutter.

It’s been a dream come true to watch our brand grow. Knowing that we are buying from ethical sources, using renewable energy and supplying people with wholesome, delicious snacks makes us feel that, in our own small way, we are giving something back to the planet.

100% Natural, 100% honest and 100% delicious!