Natural Journal

31st August 2017

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Well it’s been a year since our website went live and we have decided it’s time to keep this updated more regularly…
We’ve been quietly working on new projects which we’re very excited to be announcing in a few weeks. Amongst the stress and mayhem we thought we would begin a weekly blog on running a business. Both as support to anyone out there who runs their own business or has a dream to start one. But also as an outlet for everything we have been through and learned since launching 4 years ago.

So how to start? We thought we would start by being really honest and sharing our experiences of running a business. The problems we’ve experienced and overcome. What it’s been like to work as a mother and daughter team and how it’s brought us so much closer. What it’s like to be a female entrepreneur in a still very male dominated world. What it’s like running a start up business as a mother with young children. What it’s like trying to run an ethical, transparent business when all practicalities seems to stand in your way. How to raise investment and choosing the right people to work with. And everything in between. Our tips and tricks for remaining grounded and calm amongst the mayhem. But also the multitude of positives of running your own business. The feeling of empowerment and joy that comes from growing something you really believe is making a positive impact to the world.

It has taken 4 years to get to a point where we feel confident enough that we have knowledge and experience worth sharing and we are still on a huge learning curve. Mistakes are a key part of learning and growing, both as a human being and in business, and we have made a mountain of them. So hopefully, in highlighting our experiences and mistakes we can shine a light on what it’s really like to run your own business.

Hope you enjoy…


Charlotte + Jess
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